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Stair Lift Installation: For Ease of Motion and Continued Health

For elderly people, stairs pose a particular problem. They are both difficult and dangerous. Having a stair lift installed in the home helps to ensure safe and free movement for the elderly person, as well as peace of mind over their continued health.

As we age, few things are more frustrating than the loss of autonomy. When things that once were easy become difficult there is a tendency to get distraught. While some things, such as diminishing eyesight, are expected and easy to adapt to, other changes of aging are not so easy to accept. Almost everyone expects that they’ll need glasses some day, but few people spend time thinking about their eventual loss of mobility. This makes it even more painful when it occurs, but there are solutions available to ease the transition.

Just as there are eyeglasses and hearing aides to help restore functions to aging eyes and ears, there are many devices and machines designed to facilitate ease of motion for aging bodies. One of the most helpful for those who live in two story homes, is a stair lift. Stairs pose a real problem for the aged for two reasons. First, they are difficult both to ascend and to descend. Second, they are a prime location for falls due to osteoarthritis, muscle deterioration, and slowed down reflexes. For an elderly person, any fall is a dangerous one. For this reason alone, of all the improvements that can be done to the home to make things easier for the elderly, having a stair lift installation done is the most effective way to protect his or her safety.

Stair lifts come in a variety of models and weights depending on your particular needs and the structure of your home, but they all work on the same basic principal. A rail is installed at the base of the wall along the stairs, and the motorized chair sits on top of it. Then, instead of struggling to make it up the stairs and risking a dangerous fall, a person simply sits in the chair, pushes a control button, and rides to the next floor in comfort and ease.

If you are considering having a stair lift installed you could first speak to your doctor or insurance company about it. In some cases, some or all of the cost of the stair lift installation can be covered by insurance. Costs will vary depending on your individual needs, but lifts tend to cost between $1,500 and $2,000, so it is important that you find out what is necessary to qualify for insurance coverage before proceeding so you can be sure to take advantage of any aid that is available to you.

Even with help from your insurance company, it is likely that you will have to pay quite a bit out of pocket for your stair lift installation, but it should be considered an investment in your health. For many elderly people, one of the most common causes of loss of mobility is fear of falling. When someone is afraid of injuring them self, they choose to remain stationary more. This leads to further and more rapid deterioration of the muscles and joints. Any device you install in the home to make free movement easier and safer is an investment in continued health.

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Written by: Ace Abbey


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